Friday, May 31, 2013

Welcome to the KNON online history museum!

KNON 89.3 FM is a non-profit Community Radio station located in Dallas Texas.  As we approached 30 years of broadcasting on July 30, 2013, we thought it would be a good time to look back at our past as we prepared to move forward into our next 30 years.  It has been a long strange trip indeed, and one well worth documenting.  KNON would not have survived  without the support of our Dallas/Fort Worth listeners, hundreds of volunteers, local musicians, churches, community groups, and many small local businesses.  We thank you all for your support.

The goal of this project is to archive and make available online many documents, photos, and stories from our past.  This will be a "living document", updated from time to time.  It will never be complete.  There have been hundreds of volunteers and shows through the years and every one of them has their own story to tell.  We are starting out with a simple Google blogger site, but we hope eventually to move everything to the KNON website.  That will take time, personnel, expertise, and money we currently do not have, so please bear with us as we use this simple site for now.  This is just the beginning.  We hope to improve this collection in the future and, with your help, we will.  This site has been created and is maintained by volunteers at no cost to KNON.

This site is laid out chronologically beginning from the early days of KNON up to today.  At the end are various additional contributions of photos, posters, and remembrances.  At the bottom of every page is a list of all the individual pages here.  Sort of like an index, where you can jump to any individual page.

We welcome your comments and input to this site.  We are especially anxious to see YOUR photos from past KNON events and of the old KNON studios.  You may contact us directly by e-mail at or through the KNON website at  All material will be credited.  We thank Don O., Ranger Randell, and Ranger Rita for their contributions, which are the foundation for this site.  Thanks to Pat Avery for sharing his KNON poster collection.  Thanks also to Robert Wilonsky and the Dallas Morning News for their coverage here.

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