Tuesday, May 7, 2013

VIDEO from the old KNON studio in 1995

From Don O.

In 1995 I had my friend Wes Race down to guest on my blues radio show on KNON. Wes is a blues expert and collector and he brought along a lot of cool rare stuff to share with our listeners.  Wes also brought along his friend Dwight Welsh to videotape the soiree. I clipped out a few moments from over 2 and a half hours of video to show the old studio and broadcast booth.  This shows the old KNON main studio after the first remodel and just before the second remodel. These were the last few days of the "playskool" board before we wore the plastic off the push buttons.  Shortly after this we got a new (to us, donated used) board and built a new booth which faced the other way towards the "AccuWeather Window". The old broadcast closet is behind Dave at (0:28). Dave Chaos stops by to help with some equipment issues, and Chief Zehaie comes in to prepare for his show which followed mine. Things to look for, the massive wad of duct tape holding the microphone on the stand (0:17), the hole in the floor above Dave's office (1:05), and the incredible snake's nest of dusty wiring beneath the broadcast board (3:00). Things are much better now Mr. Fire Marshall! Really!!

Here's what Dave Chaos had to say about this video:
"It captures the studio and all of it's former glory.  Short snapshot into what was the daily life on San Jacinto."

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